Both children and adults who have listening issues or cochlear implants (Auditory therapy hearing aids) can benefit from Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT). AVT is an early intervention program that benefits a child in the early years of their life so that they can live independent lives ahead without additional support at later stages.

What does AVT do?

It is an auditory (hearing) verbal (speech) therapy that focuses on developing the language and listening skills for children with hearing loss. It equips them with the ability to make sense of their surroundings and communication by learning to utilize the auditory signals relayed by their implants or hearing aids. AT Om Physio Plus Nutrition, our speech and hearing clinic in Ahmedabad, we have AVT programs you can enroll your child into.

How is AVT different from other therapies?

AVT tries to make the most of the neuroplasticity of the brain (the neurological flexibility the brain to mould itself to new situations) to help function in better and more efficient ways with their hearing setbacks. It works on developing the Auditory cortex of the brain rather than the visual.

How does AVT benefit my child?

  • By working with our auditory verbal therapist in Ahmedabad, your child makes the most of the narrow window of time in his early developmental years when brain neuroplasticity is the highest (the first 3.5 years).
  • We work to improve the child's comprehension, spoken skills and language skills.
  • This will enable your child to have an equal start in life with children at school of the same age with normal life

And further makes it easier for them to enhance and train their auditory-verbal skills throughout their adulthood.

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