ADHD includes a group of behavioral disorders that range from hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsiveness and speech-fluency disorders. ADHD kids start showing symptoms before the age of 7 and this disorder is most common in children of school-going age. It is to be noted that ADHD does not reflect the intelligence ofthe child at his age.

Signs your ADHD child needs guidance and therapy:

  • Has marked inability to focus or pay attention
  • Are running into constant distractions while at home or in school
  • Have restlessness and sleeping disorders
  • Has problems in clarity and/or fluency of speech
  • Has difficulties engaging with peer groups due to speech problems
  • Has problems in being organized.

Our ADHD treatment doctors in Ahmedabad understand that not every child shows the same characteristics. We evaluate the surrounding conditions, the motor skills, speech problems and sensory processes of your child and chart out individual treatment plans for proper intervention and support.

Treatment processes include observing and correcting behavior in various settings, play learning, increasing attention to details, lifestyle changes, medications, developing self-awareness of problems and needs, group work as well as individual therapy.

To take an ADHD assessment, visit Om Physio Plus Nutrition center

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