Are you feeling a joint stuck in your body? A frozen neck, an unmovable leg, bent back and what not. The general purpose of chiropractic therapy is to find out restrictions in the joints which mean to look for areas in the body that do not move well. When you will see a chiropractor palpating a patient’s body, it means they are evaluating what moves and what doesn’t. Mostly, a chiropractor goes through the spine more than any area. The reason is in the fact that everything in your back must move a little bit and if some of the vertebra don’t move the right way or is blocked, it is going to bother that area or it is going to affect some other area that is associated with that particular region of the spine. Chiropractic therapy is to apply certain pressure on a blocked joint to move it better.

How do we make it work?


This include certain tests such as X-rays, CT- scan or MRI

Treatment plan:

At this stage, your chiropractor develops a map of the treatment based on your specific condition


As per the treatment plan, your chiropractor applies certain jerk like forces that may be a push or a pull. You will often see at Om Physio plus Nutrition center that our chiropractors when apply pressure to a certain area, a knuckle cracking noise will come. What that is, nitrogen gas is being released by the action of cavitation. The thing that makes the patient feel good after getting a chiropractic therapy is the endorphin release. So, the adjustments due to this therapy is to restore motions and get the patients feel better. There are certain exercises that a chiropractor prescribes after the adjustments to continue the released motion. These exercises are necessary to perform because let alone the adjustments, cannot be the ‘be all end all’.

Our chiropractors help you with the

Pain in:

  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Cartilages
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons

Conditions as:

  • Slip discs
  • Spine arthritis
  • Pain in sciatic neuritis
  • Pain in tailbone
  • Some form of headaches
  • Myofascial pain syndrome

From Om physio plus Nutrition, you may find for yourself the most compatible and efficient therapies.

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