How is physical pain perceived, a sense of increasing discomfort or electrical messages that come and go through the nerves of the body? Well, both understandings are correct. The difference lies in the fact that one is what you feel and other is the mechanism through which you feel. As feelings surely depend upon the underlying mechanisms of the body, what if these mechanisms could be manipulated? Our body’s perception of pain could be completely.
What we provide is a therapy, an electrical one known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It works on the principal of using low voltage currents to change or block the nerve impulses for pain relief. It does that by delivering current to the nerves located in the area of pain
We at Om Physio plus Nutrition provide the highest quality of this therapy session by;first differentiating the patients compatible for TENS from the others and then optimizing the therapy for individual patients
What we provide to treat using TENS
TENS provide an effective and non invasive treatment for various forms of pains which relieves a person from using medications packed with side effects.

TENS mainly provide treatment for following condition:
• Biomechanical changes such as arthritis which cause severe pain in bones
• Chronic muscle pains such as fibromyalgia
• Pain resulting from strain such as back pain
• Swelling and inflammation around the joints
• Dysfunction of nerves due to diabetes
• Inflammation of connective tissue
• Hardening of arteries
The success rate of TENS depends upon various factors such as the cause of pain, proper handling of TENS machine etc. Moreover, the evaluation of exact effectiveness of TENS is said to require more studies but renowned Physical therapists are already suggesting the use of it.
Our working process of TENS
The units of TENS machinery include; a battery powering the device, electrodes plates with wires connected to the device. The plates (pads) are to be positioned on the affected areas where the nerves pathways are located

TENS therapy works in several ways such as:
• Blocking the pain: this therapy is believed to block the pain at their source. It does so by preventing the pain signalfrom getting to the brain
• Circulation improvement: It produces small muscle contractions which in turn improves the circulation
• Producing endorphins: Endorphins are the body’s natural pain reliever. TENS therapy is believed to increase endorphins production which help to block pain receptors in the body.
Om Physio Plus Nutrition provides this effective, drug free pain relief. Why to succumb to ill effect containing NSAIDs and blood thinners, when you can literally get an efficient way out of mentioned problems just with a touch of electricity. Worry not, we are not talking about getting electrically shocked but an unfelt procedure for pain relieving.

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