At Om Physio plus nutrition, one might find certain technical therapeutic procedures, some of which encompass wide range of treatments. But some of the therapies are more inclined to affect, particularly, some specific conditions.Kinesiology tapping is one of those therapies. In this therapy, lightweight elastic tapes are used to ensure fitness while playing a sport or doing heavy exercise. These tapings are used on tendons and muscles of the body to ensure pain relief and to support the joints. Some ancillary effects of this therapy based on the type of tape used include decrease in swelling, promote circulation, encourage healing of wear and tear, activation, or deactivation of muscle.

How does Kinesio tapping work?

Kinesio tapping therapy works on the principle of mimicking the elasticity of a human muscle. By doing so, this physical therapy can hold the organs such as joints, bones, ligaments, tendons and even the muscle itself with the optimum force to obtain a natural stability of these organs. At Om Physio plus nutrition, the patient not only gets this therapy done accurately but also is taught to perform the process on their own to themselves. It is needed for the patients to learn this technique to retain the stability of mentioned organs, if sometimes their muscle can’t do it on its own.

Few things about the kinesio tape

  • The type of kinesio tape to be used depends upon the condition for it to be used. For example, precut kinesio tapes are used for conditions such as shin splints, tennis elbow etc.
  • The texture of kinesio tape resemble that of a skin and there are no side effects to leave this tape if it stays on the skin
  • Of course, the resistance of these tapings is very high against some natural conditions such as water, mud etc.

Benefits of Kinesio tapping therapy

  • Pain relief due to natural pressure on the muscles
  • Regulation of circulation
  • Boost immune system by affecting the lymphatic system
  • Decrease swelling
  • Support posture by affecting weak muscles
  • Regulate the healing process
  • Promote improvement in sport performance

If you are any of these persons, you might find kinesio tapping efficiently helpful:

  • Who is involved in intense exertion?
  • 9 to 5, desk job person
  • Sports person
  • One with low levels of serotonin which affects your posture

Who is suffering from pain in joints, muscles, or any soft tissue?

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