Vestibular Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center

You might be feeling these symptoms and more while sitting down, changing sides, or going about your daily business. This indicates a disbalance in your vestibular system that involves signals communicated between your brain and your inner ear. This creates a false sense of imbalance with side effects including vertigo, or diagnosed diseases like BPPV, Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, etc. It is also common in the elderly.

Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Ahmedabad provides extensive vestibular rehabilitation based on your individual assessment and examination.

We provide you with an exercise-based program and their home adaptations to make your living easier. Based on your discomfort and vestibular issue identified, the exercises prescribed fall broadly under:

  • Habituation exercises – for those patients who complain of dizziness due to spontaneous small head motions or from visual stimuli like staring at patterned or shiny floors or watching fast action movies.
  • Gaze stabilization and strengthening – for patients who complain of problems in seeing clearly because their field of vision seems to bounce or shimmer.
  • Balance Training – for patients who complain of problems in steadiness while going about their daily business.

Request an appointment today with the best physiotherapy center in Ahmedabad, and make the most of your work-life balance!

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