Hello, you sports freak! Has a sports injury put a stop to your active lifestyle?

Let Om Physio Plus Nutrition be your coach. With the physiotherapy specialist in Ahmedabad, Dr. Niraj Patel - we let our 7 years of experience in this field assess you. From evaluating your muscle imbalance, musculoskeletal system, range of motion, and functional requirements of your sport, we plan out an exercise program and rehabilitation process to improve your stabilization, effectiveness, and agility.

Depending on your personal mobility and healing time, we guide you through the rest and exercise phases of the program. Recovery is a slow process requiring a patient and consistent effort. Understanding sports rehab is criteria-driven and not a time-driven process will prevent you from immediate re-injury. Trust us in our game so that we can help you play yours!

Book your appointment with Dr. Niraj Patel physiotherapy specialist in Ahmedabad.

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