Your feet carry you around all day, whether walking, running, jumping, playing sports of tip-toeing around the fridge at midnight. But you never think about them until they start paining. Here at Om Physio Plus Nutrition Physiotherapy Centre in Ahmedabad, we recognize the importance of keeping your foot flexible and pain-free.

Know your type of pain:

Heel pain – It may be caused by Planar Fasciitis (inflammation of tissues in the heel) or an Impact injury that feels like you’re walking on a pebble. Heel spurs (abnormal bone growth at the bottom of your heel) can also be a cause, although it does not always pain unless you have flat feet or high arches.

Ball of foot pain - Metatarsalgia, also called stone bruise is an inflammation due to injury or wrong-fitting footwear. Morton’s neuroma is another problem caused due to thickening of tissues between the base of the third and fourth toe. This is more common in women who wear tight or high-heeled shoes.

Arch Pain – Plantar Fasciitis also causes pain in the arch of the feet as well as heels. Treatment for both is the same. Fallen Arches (or flat feet) also cause chronic arch pain.

Toe pain – Hallux rigidus and Gout (both a form of arthritis) cause pain and swelling in the toes. Bunions and hammertoes are not uncommon causes as well, where the bony bulge of the toe is affected due to ill-fitting shoes.

General Pain in any area – Can be caused due to Tendinitis (inflammation of tendons in the foot) or Neuropathy (nerve damage).

All of these foot problems and more can be addressed by Dr. Niraj D. Patel, one of the best Physiotherapist in Ahmedabad with 7 years of experience in this field. The most effective measures we use to address your foot problems are mobilizing exercises, assessing posture and gait, foot orthotics (medical devices to wear in your footwear to correct biomechanical problems), advice on footwear, and active gear, taping for sports injuries and soft tissue massages.

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