The fields around magnetism and electricity were always a mystery when it came to their true nature. Scientific progression of understanding them has led to acknowledgement of the electromagnetic field as a healing agent for diverse health issues. These health conditions which the Electromagnetic field heals can range from treatable to some cureless diseases. The field of electromagnetism is organized by today’s technological advancement in such a way that a proper medicinal therapy is being given to the various ranges of patients. This therapy is known to be Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and is considered as one of the best therapies to treat variety of health conditions safely. The reason of this consideration lies in the fact that this therapy provides a noninvasive and direct method to treat the cause of the symptoms such as pain and inflammation and do away with some of the asymptomatic diseases caused by alien micro bodies.
Recent modifications in pulsed electromagnetic field therapy have led to a fully regulated therapy sessions in which the electromagnetic field used is completely controlled by a computer. This modification has assured the error in the process to be at its minimal level.
Working mechanism of PEMF
The working process of the PEMF is based on the principal that high frequency electromagnetic currents could have therapeutic effects. PEMF utilized specified calibrated electromagnetic field to stimulate biochemical changes at cellular levels. These biochemical changes induce various mechanisms of natural healing.
Patients who are to get PEMF start by lying on a special bed. The bed is designed in such a way that the head and the feet are elevated than the middle body. The electromagnetic currents are delivered throughout the entire bed. Most patients feel maximum sensation in their upper back and shoulder area due to the concentration of nerves in that area. Depending upon the area to be concentration certain PEMF accessories are used.
• The pad is used to deliver the current to the larger muscles such as back and thighs
• The paddles are used to deliver the current in a concentrated manner in a very specific area
• The rings are used to deliver current four times the intensity of other accessories. It is used to make the current penetrate the body part typically at elbow, knee, ankle etc.
PEMF is used for
• Increase in ATP production
• Regulation of body flow
• Increase in healing of cells
• ETC stimulation for energy enhancement
• Maintaining oxygen levels
• Improvement in circulation
• Cholesterol regulation
• Reducing inflammation
• Regulation of lymph flow for enhancement in immune system
• Tissue and bone repair
• Pain relieving
• Muscle and stress relaxation

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