There is no doubt in the fact that you haven’t already seen in your textbooks, the series of waves put in the increasing order of their frequencies. This electromagnetic spectrum contains a section or band known as infra red rays that come between the frequency region of 300 GHz to 400 THz and between the wavelength region of 760 nm to 1mm, i.e., between red end and microwave region of the spectrum.

The primary natural source of IR radiations is the sun. Our point of interest of in accounts to IR radiations is that human body,as mostly made up of water, absorbs these rays efficiently and in the consequence acts as though it has absorbed direct energy. This is authenticated by the fact that, on absorption of IR radiations, the cellular metabolism of the body gets affected in such a vivid manner that changes in whole biological processes are seen.

How we produce infrared radiations for therapy

As it is a well-known fact that anybody with the temperature above zero can emit infrared radiations, the main task is to get it into the usable form of therapy. For therapeutic use is necessary for any modality to be controllable to have:

  • Better target to the affected area of the body.
  • Compatibility range in accordance with the need of patient.

To accomplish this, we at Om Physio plus Nutrition take the assistance of two generators

  1. Luminous generator: - IR in this type of generator is produced due to the action of heating a lamp in which light is produced due to increase in temperature. Generally, the bulged frontal part of the lamp is tinted to filter out excess UV rays with short wave lengths
  2. Non-luminous generator: - In this type of generator, the IR production is a result of heat produced by a coil wound around an insulating substance. Also, this generator is used to concentrate the IR on a specific target. For this an IR emitter is put at the frontal part of the generator.

 Our Infrared radiation therapy treats

  • Muscle pain
  • Involuntary muscle contractions
  • Nerve conduction problems
  • Decreased amounts of endorphins
  • Soreness due to ulcers
  • Blood pressure by the action of vasodilation

Infrared radiation has become such a necessary element of electrical therapy that every electrical simulation requires an infrared therapy to help the body become compatible as a better conductor for oncoming therapy.

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