So many people try to get rid of pain due to pressure on a specific region of the body and so many of them going through the hopeless dosages of painkillers. But in fact, these painkillers are not the medications; anyone would want to get dependent upon. If anyone wants to know the alternative, ‘traction’ is the answers. At Om Physio plus Nutrition, the therapy of traction is given to target the spine for its stretching to lower down the pressure on the units of vertebrae and in consequence pain is reduced.

How we make traction useful?

Traction is based on the principle of elongation of spine in a longitudinal direction to reposition the discs of vertebrae in such a way to reduce the pressure on the whole back. As we promote the sense of compatibility for a therapy to a specific condition of a patient, traction at our center is given manually or mechanically depending upon the need of a patient.

For manual traction, our experts in physical therapy use their hands to apply the longitudinal force on the body of a patient. In result, the space and position between the vertebrae are optimized for a certain period which helps in the reduction of pressure. The time for this type of traction doesn’t last long.

For mechanical traction, certain devices are used to put a patient in the state of traction. The use for mechanical traction is in the cases as follows:

  • When more precision and uniformity is need for the stretching
  • When the traction is to be lasted continually for longer period of time
  • When heat, vibration and/or massage is needed along with the traction

What we treat with traction

  • Impaired discs between the spinal bones
  • Osteophyte
  • Osteoarthritis of spine
  • Spinal disc herniation
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • Radiculopathy
  • Wear and tear of spine due to age
  • Lower back pain

Why should one suffer pain in back? Why not take the medications? Of course, the foremost reason is the accompanying side effects. Be it rapid or long term, side effects are the conditions to be faired. But then should pain be suffered? Of course, not because Om Physio plus Nutrition Centre provides numerous noninvasive andnon-medicinal treatments for such pains. One such effectual treatment is traction.

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