Postural Training Center

A good posture is essential to efficient and pain-free living. Are you ignoring your slight postural defects thinking they’ll go away? Or does the pain not allow you to function well throughout the day?

The causes of bad posture range from stress, weak muscles, sedentary work life, stiff joints, or even genetics. But it doesn’t mean it cannot be fixed.

Kinds of postural defects – which one are you?

Kyphosis posture – hunchback appearance, depressed chest cavity, and shoulders slumped forwards. Common in elderly or large-chested women, very tall people, or office goes with desk jobs.

Lordosis posture – highly concave lower spine, with buttocks extended back and head and shoulders forward. Also called hollow back and is common in pregnant women and truck drivers

Sway back – the pelvis is pulled forward and the torso bends backwards. The shoulders and head are slumped forward in balance. Common in pregnant women or obese people carrying weight around their abdomen.

Flat back – Muscle imbalances or spine problems can often lead to less than normal curvature of the back. The pelvis is tucked in and the body stooped forward. Causes pain and difficulty in standing for too long.

Here at Om physio plus nutrition physiotherapy center in Ahmedabad, you can get integrated physio care and the guided help of a Physiotherapist to help you understand and overcome your postural problems. We guide you through corrective exercises for improved flexibility, provide advice for your weak zones and activity modification, as well as soft tissue massage and manual therapy for joint mobilization.

With better posture, you can go about your daily life with less pain, more strength, better breathing, and higher energy levels. If you are concerned about your posture and its side effects, we can help you!

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