We at Om Physio Plus Nutrition ascertain the use of the most effective technologically advanced machinery. Class IV Laser is one of them to make even the elderly feel younger again and the authenticity of which is confirmed by scientifically proven effects of this therapy.

Side effects of laser therapies

With evident effects of this therapy, we believe, the practical low downs must be information at hand. So, these are some of the side effects of laser therapy:
• Pigmentation changes in the skin
• Burning sensation
• Pimples
• Redness
• Skin damage
As every technology comes with a good and a bad face but the technology like lasers is chosen by highly qualified experts. So, evidently, the risk and benefit ratio is always assessed before using this machinery. Other than the risks, these side effects are generally the result of inappropriate handling of the technology while using it. Therefore, in general, laser therapies are quite safe for a specific age group but with the proper consultation of the doctor.

Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy

• Increased ATP production leads to the better metabolism of cells resulting in benefits as Faster healing of tissue, better enzymatic responses, etc.
• Laser stimulation produces free nitric oxides which are very powerful vasodilators. Thus, helping in the reduction of high blood pressure. Nitric oxides also help in various important cellular signaling. These signals stimulate certain physiological processes.
• Laser therapy helps in the production of reactive oxygen species which helps in various important pathways such as inflammatory response
• It induces growth factor production
• Improves microcirculation in the damaged tissue
• The developed higher power Class IV system gives away to the clinicians to deliver adequate doses of light into deep levels of tissue to minimize pain and inflammation and increase the rate of healing

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