What is Aphasia?
A language disorder that is neurological and affects the way one understands or expresses written language.

You rain has two hemispheres, the left one being responsible for language and comprehension skills. Damage to the left hemisphere due to brain tumours, neurological diseases, cerebrovascular accidents or traumatic brain injury can cause one to develop aphasia.

If you experience symptoms of Aphasia or have recently had any brain damage, visit the best Aphasia therapist in Ahmedabad at Om Physio Plus Nutrition to help you recover and recuperate

Symptoms of Aphasia to lookout for:

  • You cannot say whole sentences at a time, single words feel easier
  • Reading forms, books, spelling words or doing simple maths might be hard
  • You have trouble understanding people when in a noisy setting, or hearing the Tv, or when people are speaking fast
  • You cannot think of the right words to say and often switch up words, eg: Wish dasher instead of dishwasher
  • You use made-up words
  • You cannot comprehend when people speak long sentences

Depending on your needs and severity, out Aphasia speech therapist will work on language and speech exercises. The treatment can be group therapy or one-on-one, based on which method provides you with the most benefit.

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