Understanding CP: A group of muscular and developmental disorders caused due to brain damage while the child was in the womb. Cerebral means brain-related and Palsy means muscular weakness.

There are different levels of severity for CP in children, but the common speech and language problems are:

  • Articulation problems
  • Fluency issues including stuttering
  • Pitch control and volume of speech
  • Word formation or producing coherent sounds
  • Associations of words and related objects
  • Coordination and strength of facial muscles
  • Breathing control

Children with CP also have difficulty in chewing and swallowing, which affects their nutrition and overall health. Speech therapy can help address those issues, making their life quality betteron the whole.

Common exercises our cerebral palsy doctor in Ahmedabad helps your child with are Breathing control exercises, jaw exercises, lip strengthening and extension, tongue exercises, blowing therapy, articulation therapy and language and word association activities.

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