The knee joint is designed to take up the major load of our body. But what happens when your knee gives up on you? Om Physio Plus Nutritionphysiotherapycenter is here to support!
Dr Niraj D. Patel, one of the best Physiotherapist in Ahmedabad with 7 years of experience in this field can help you alleviate your chronic or acute knee problems.

Identify your Knee Pain Symptoms:

Front of the Knee – indicates a problem with the position and tackling of your kneecap, diagnosed as patellofemoral stress syndrome (PFSS)

Inside of the Knee – indicates a probable injury to the ligament (media meniscus) on the inside of the knee which acts as a shock absorber during activities.

Outside of the knee – various ligament structures support your outer knee, connecting it to the hip, or the hamstring tendons. Strain to these ligaments and tendons due to athletic activity can cause outer knee pain.

Back of the knee – Hamstring strain at the back of the knee of a Baker’s cyst (swelling in the knee joint) can be the cause for the pain sensation.

Our physiotherapy clinic offers Knee pain therapy that includes rehabilitation physiotherapy, guidelines, and best practices for reducing strain and further damage, implementing home exercises, regular follow-up, compression methods, and elevation techniques.

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